Nominated for a 2019 Pushcart Prize
Cover design entry to Eric Hoffer
Book Award DiVinci Eye competition 

Late Snow & Hellebore


By Melinda Rizzo

My Story

Melinda Rizzo’s Late Snow & Hellebore begins with blackberries, luscious, plum-colored, nubby and nested, but it isn’t just a crafted and compelling book about nourishment – the nourishment of the earth and its bounty, the nourishment of language and its own kind of abundance, the nourishment of faith and family and the fertility of the imagination. It is a book that nourishes. We feast on artichoke and alphabet. We are sustained by Jersey peaches, Savon de Marseille, and soup, a Lenten spirit and an Easter promise, the music of pear blossoms and wintering bluebirds, the sounds of color and the taste of Perugia chocolate. It’s not a bad deal are the very last words of this startlingly beautiful volume that offers us a way to live in a fallen world and find nourishment there, joy and meaning. I echo the poet’s own words: D’ accord!

~Christopher Bursk, author of The First Inhabitants of Arcadia


2019 Pushcart Prize Nominated for Ravens

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Nominated for a 2019 Pushcart Prize

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